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We are so confident that we can save you money, that if we can't save you at least 10% on your monthly fees, we'll give you £250


Just email us your latest statement and we'll email you back a quote - if we can't save you money, we'll send you a cheque for £250 - What have you got to lose?


Email us your quote here to take the challenge


Terms and Conditions:-


  1. You must send us a recent statement - dated within the last 3 months and have an active merchant services agreement in place
  2. Your card turnover must be at least £2000 per month for terminals with no monthly rental.
  3. If you currently pay monthly rental for your terminal, no minimum turnover applies.
  4. We will produce a like for like quote. If we cannot save you at least 10%, we will send you £250.
  5. Offer applies only once to each business.
  6. Our offer will be based on your current merchant services statement only. Our offer will not apply on any sebsequent discounts offered to you by your current provider